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Ho'oponopono Visualization Tools

Dr Hew Len Inner Child Meditation

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD

Ego- its only Data​

Data speaks, and you speak the data,  so you are not in control.

The idea is for you to get to the data and erase it. 

Get the data out of the way so you can be in the light.  

There are three kinds of data to deal with:

1).   I Z  ~ Infinite Zero.   This is the neutral state

2).   I Z I  ~ Divinity comes to Zero and inspires you.   This is inspiration, and that means you are into the flow.  It happens without effort, and with ease.

3).  Memory  ~  Memory goes against ease. 

You have dis-ease, away from the  Source and yourself.

 Your mind can only be in one of these three states.   There is no halfway. You can’t be over her and over there.

In the Beginning

The Program – you say or think something you didn’t mean

and wonder where it came from;  it surfaced from the program –

Data - in your unconscious mind.

The program in you attracted another person

with the same program.     

It’s like looking in a mirror.  What you see in the mirror is you; 

               What you see  in life is  also in  you .                    

 The outer is in a projection –

You wouldn’t even know it existed unless you experienced it 

INSIDE YOURSELF   ~  Everything happens inside.   

The outside is just a reflection.

This is why it is so important to realize total 100% responsibility 

is about owning everything you see and experience.

There is nothing out there because you only became aware if it inside.

When you clean, you lean the program and you become part of the solution. 


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more.

It turns denial into acceptance,  chaos into order,  confusion into clarity….

It turns problems into gifts,  failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing

and mistakes into important events. 

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today

and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

~ ​Melodie Beattie

All Cleaning Visualization Tools

by  Dr. Joe Vitale & 

Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

Using visualization as a form of a cleaning tool is an easy and

powerful way to clean on specific memories/data.

They are also very convenient,

because you can do them anywhere.

The following are the most commonly used Ho’oponopono visualization cleaning tools.

Lehua Honey

Visualize pouring Lehua honey over yourself or other people, places or negative situations which you would

like to clean.

After you have finished poured the

Lehua honey, visualize it crystallizing. When the honey is crystallizing it is

at its highest cleaning potential.

As it cleans, it focuses on addictive memories that can lead to

addictive behaviors such as smoking, alcohol, drugs food, anorexia

and sexual addiction.

This visualization technique does not need to take a long time.

Once you’ve completed the process, you’re done.

The Gold Key

Visualize your hand slowly open to Reveal A Gold Key

Now imagine a locked door;

 take your key and put it in the keyhole and unlock the door.

This visualization of opening the door with the gold key unblocks so many memories/data. This visualization technique helps you to open yourself

up to inspiration from the Divine.

When you are feeling unsure about making a decision, use this

cleaning technique to help you be open to your Divine path.


Waffles are used to dissolve

physical pain, in our own bodies 

and the bodies of others.

Visualize a waffle, then imagine wrapping the physical pain or the

area of the  body in pain

inside of the waffle.

For example : if your knee is hurting, visualize a large enough waffle

that would wrap around your knee,

front to back, and allow the physical pain to be absorbed into the waffle.

Remember you can also use this

for others if they have expressed specific discomfort.

Silver Rod

Visualize the top of your head;

now imagine that there is a rod

extending out of the top of your head.

You can visualize the rod to be as long as you wish;

it could even reach into the heavens.

Simply visualizing this silver rod connects you to memory/data that works on relationships

for both men and women.

There can also be an emphasis on the memory/data of the hatred of men that some women experience.

It is a very strong bonding tool that helps strengthen and repair relationships.


Redwood trees are referred to as

“The Tree of The Divine.”

These trees contain the map to our very existence, a flowing pattern that is the basis of all spirituality.

Physically touching a redwood tree brings guidance to our spiritual journey. It simplifies the path, showing us the way back to zero.

Although this list is short, these are the main cleaning tools in plant/tree form at this time. As always, others will be revealed to us by the Divine as we continue to open ourselves up to its inspiration.

Plants and Trees

The following cleaning tools are literally connected and grow from our Mother Earth. These plants and tree are connected

deeply to our ancestry.  They provide constant cleaning for us every day.

When you encounter any of the following, remind yourself that you are on sacred ground, because the area in which these

cleaning tools are planted is constantly being cleaned.  This creates a wonderful opportunity to connect to the Divine

and return to the zero state.

Double Yellow Hibiscus  and  Bottle Palms

Double yellow hibiscus – The double yellow hibiscus focuses on erasing memory/data that contains issues with addiction of all kinds.  Much like the bottled palm, it can be both planted in the ground or in a pot.  If you are choosing a pot, it is most effective when placed near the entrance of your office, apartment or home.

Bottle palm ~ 

The bottled palm, Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis, cleans on your memories and transmutes them into a pure energy in the palm.  This plant literally holds the energy inside of itself and then dispenses it as necessary.  One of the wonderful things about this cleaning tool is that it can be planted in the ground or in a pot.  If you choose to use it in a pot, it is best to place it somewhere close to the front door .  This allows the palm to absorb

unwanted memories as they enter your dwelling.

Wild Irish Rose

The Wild Irish Rose is a flower of love. It creates an invisible bridge from wherever it is planted directly to Ireland; this bridge then connects to all other continents.

The bridge is connecting on a spiritual level transcending all time. It gives us a connection to the memories of our ancestors

and our heritage that still need cleaning.

Much like the bottled palm, and the Wild Irish Rose can be both planted in the ground or in a pot.  If you are choosing a pot, it is most effective when placed near the entrance of your office, apartment or home.

Silence Pills

Silence pills should be used anytime you are feeling anger or frustration about a situation, or you are being told information that is causing

you to feel upset or rage.

In your mind, visualize taking a pill out

of the medicine bottle.  Place a pill in your mouth and then visualize drinking a clear glass of water and swallowing the pill.  This pill not only dissolves the memories that are coming up,

but also acts as a reminder to simply stay silent. The upsetting information your hearing is not coming from an individual but from memory/data.

As the pill dissolves inside of you,

it is resolving the issue back

to zero and allowing love to manifest.


Dewdrop – The word or the thought “Dewdrop” works on all


If you find yourself in a stressful situation where you are either

threatened, frightened, sad or angry, you can’t think of the

word dewdrop or simply repeat it out loud.

This cleaning can be done as often and as frequently as you


Ice Blue

Either out loud or in your mind, say the phrase “Ice Blue”.

There’s a strong energy vibration with these words, even when thought.

As you think or say these words, “Ice Blue” will wash over you

and through your spirit with

the power of love.

If you wish to use ice blue on others, you must first use it on yourself.

This preparation is very important, as you need to be clear on a

spiritual level; cleaning on

physical and emotional parts of

oneself before cleaning on others.

A Mirror

Oftentimes when we look into a real mirror, our vision is distorted and we do not see the beauty that is truly there.

Mentally picture a large mirror, walk to the mirror, and see yourself reflected in it.

Repeat to yourself I love you. The reflection coming back to you should be that of only love and positivity.

In this mirror you are not only seeing your outer beauty but also your

Divine Inner Beauty… the  Zero State that lies within you.

Orange Juice

Orange juice represents God’s sun rays. You want to begin by imagining a glass of orange juice.  Now imagine placing a $100

bill into the orange juice.   If you are uncomfortable with $100 you can use

a $50, a $20, or $10 whatever

you’re inspired to use.

This money is charging the orange juice, preparing it for cleaning.

Now take any perceived problem and place it into the glass of orange juice.

The orange juice is now cleaning on the

memory/data that you have submerged into it.  If you are suffering from debt you can visualize placing your  credit cards

into the orange juice.

This is a very multipurpose cleaning tool.

Seeing The Color Blue

A simple reminder that we will

see in everyday life is the color blue.

The color blue, no matter what it is on or what shade, contains cleaning vibrations.

A recommended practice every time you see something blue is to use it

as a trigger to remind you to repeat the mantra and clean.

Please forgive me

I’m sorry

Thank you

I love you

If you are inspired you can also

choose to use one of the other many cleaning techniques.  With a little practice, the color blue will become a trigger to help remind you to clean.

Pull the Plug

You can use this cleaning technique

on any and all memory/data in which you wish to clean.  Imagine a sink of crystal-clear water.  Now imagine taking the problem that you’ve perceived and placing it into the sink of water; visualize the water becoming murky. This is from the negative vibration and energy coming from the memory/data.  Now imagine yourself reaching down, pulling the plunger out of the drain, allowing the water to carry the negative vibration down through the drain, washing it away from you.  The water cleans, and when you pull the plunger it

releases the energy.

Light Switch

The visualization of the light switch being

turned on represents the darkness  disappearing.  If you perceive a problem with yourself or someone else, picture a light switch and then turn it on.  Allow the light flood over the darkness and clean this memory/data.  You can clean with this technique as often as you like.

Personal Cleaning Tools from Inspiration

Ceeport from

"Always be on the lookout for other cleaning tools.  Cleaning tools might come to you during a meditation. If you don’t know what the purpose of the tool is, simply ask the tool.  If you clear your mind, you should hear a response;

it might feel like a thought.  That is actually communication between you and the cleaning tool.  Sometimes the Divine will show you a cleaning tool.  Some people find it hard to determine whether or not it is really a cleaning tool or just something that they have made up.

It is best to use the tool and keep asking the Divine if this is correct for you.  A good rule of thumb is after six years, this is a

tool for you to use".

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